What is the importance behind ancient systems?

Importance behind ancient systems for kundalini awakening or enlightenment

Q:- What is the importance behind ancient systems for kundalini awakening or enlightenment? What is the base of will power or sidhis (magical powers)?
A:-The first thing is that the sidhis (magical powers)are not spiritual. This is the journey to outward. Spirituality is a journey to inward. Even though, through the systematical and continuous use with the mode of Mantras (saunds), smoke, Yantras, one man can create changes by his infinite will power source of life energy (kundalini-chi )in the universal laws. That’s why the paranormal dual people can burn fire his body without matchboxes. Tantra use to achieve these powers consciously designed powerful personalities. With our common personality, we cannot change anything. The great successful people are changed their personality for their great success. But common man can’t do that. He has lots of complexes, rational thinking habit and doubts. Many people are thinking positively from the last week motivational training program of a well known motivational trainer. But unfortunately this is going on through his outer conscious mind. Deeply he knows in his subconscious mind that ‘he can’t do anything” .This deep-rooted conditioning of the society from his child hood, leads to big confusion in his life to face the reality. How can be face reality?, Negatively or positively? Both are the two faces of a coin. The truth hidden on the central round side of the coin. Be a witness to the center. But mind can see only the negative or positive aspects. When a positive man faces reality, then the positive motivation will lose. So there is a deep subconscious consciousness empowering program needed, which should be based on truth. Truth is god. In ancient India developed many powerful systems like srividya, vaidika vayshvanara vidya, agama tantras, ashtamgayoga etc., by the great rishis like vishvamitra, parashurama, agastya, vamadeva, and may more unknown maharshis. These systems create a new powerful personality within him by the repetition of a mantra with a big powerful figure like kali or Vishnu with thousand head(sahasra sheersha purusha). Then he can change to be a powerful personality and can do powerful and magical things. Through these systems can support to raise the kundalini life energy through a pre-designed new powerful personality to use for material and spiritual life success. Our usual personality has not developed in a perfect way by the interference of this mad society. To bring changes in subconscious mind we should use the brain language of sub-conscious mind. Repetition and images is the golden key to open the door of powerful sub-conscious mind.
If we are interested in spiritual awakening, then chose most ancient systems. Because these systems are ‘time tested’. But some new masters teaching their experiments in meditation and creating mad people all over the world. The energy should awaken through vajranadi (sushumna-spine) which has end with penal gland. Otherwise awaken through ida nadi or pimgala nadi will leads to big danger like the death fear, sexual hyper activity addictions, depression , back pain(both side), trembling, and so many diseases. Patanjali said “yogascha chitta vrutti nirodhana”. This means, we should stop the mind befor the real yoga happen.This is the base of all religion in the world. We should stop (controll) the mind with consciousness empowering through many techniques before the activation of kundalini. These ancient systems are pure and harmless. Which using to awakening with ten thousands of years by guru shishya (gurukula) practical teaching methods. This should learn like to the learning method of the job like fixing the puncher of a car tire. Every time an experienced master should support everybody to overcome every fearful situation. To purchase a car, we should go to a brand new car for better safety. In that case, we should use our willpower to outside. But in the case of spiritual development, we should use ancient techniques from an experienced real modern master.

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