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Srividya Sadhana (Mahameru Meditation)

Srividya is the king of tantra tradition. This is a perfect, systematical and safe way to awaken the kundalini power. This include mantra,tantra and yantra techniques for step by step safe activation of kundalini power. Most of the people practicing this ancient secret system in wrong way and creating so many problems and pains themselves. The secret of srividya is hidden. Most of the ( 99.9%) ashrams and spiritual monks are teaching this system, with only the outer worships of goddess and chanting mantras hours and hours.Here we have a practical steps to active the power through decoding of sriyantra practies. To activate this system, we should carefully use the essence of all tantric traditions like kaula, samaya and vama depend up on the vasanas of disciple.      

Which is known as MISRA the top path in srividya.This path leads to the internal world of energy sensitivity and secrets of our life changes in the form of energy and awareness. Mahameru meditation to do daily worship of sriyantra for material and spiritual success The basics secrets of Srividya tantric traditionThis teaches through the ancient guru shishya deeksha system. Each and every step, the disciple can clearly experience the real changes of his consciousness. NOW the opportunity to learn Srividya sadhana from a traditional master trainer  Brahmasree charya Sreedharan namboothiri.N. Welcome to start this ancient and scientific system in a practical way.

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‘Having filled the pathway of the Nadis with the streaming shower of nectar flowing from the Lotus feet, having resumed thine own position from out of the resplendent Lunar regions and Thyself assuming the form of a serpent of three and a half coils, sleepest thou, in the hollow of Kula Kunda (Kula Kunda means the hollow of Mooladhara Sacrum bone)’.‘Saundarya Lahari’:------------ ‘Thou art residing in secrecy with Thy Lord (The spirit) in the thousand petalled Lotus, having pierced through the Earth situated in ‘Mooladhara’, the Water in Manipura, the Fire abiding in the Svadhisthana, the Air in the Heart (‘Anahata’), the Ether above (Visshuddhi) and ‘Manas’ between the eyebrows (‘Agnya’) and thus broken through the entire ‘Kula Path’. (Saundaryalahari(Adi Sankaracharya lived in the 7th-8th century AD. and wrote)  The Puja is helping to raise the energy through the right path. You can learn the Daily sadhanas(Nityakarmmas) and Thantric pujas ofVishnu,Shiva,Ganesha,Lalithamba(Srividya),Durga,Bhuvaneswari,Bhadrakali,Shasthavu (Ayyappa),Subrahmanyan(Murukan

Sadsanga Mandala

The Mandala Sadsanga groups are a wonderful opportunity to come together in your local area and to be immersed in Satsang with Sree. Being together in a Sadsanga Mandala group creates a powerful contemplative and introspective vibration which allows one to follow and assimilate SREE’s pointing more easily and deeply. Each one grows in such beautiful and profound ways. Hundreds of Mandala Sadsanga groups are gathering all over the world, blossoming in the spirit of Satsang and Truth, and SREE offers his full love and blessings to all these groups in spiritually and psychologically.

Whether you are sitting in SREE’s physical presence or watching online, you are held in the same Sadsanga energy field. What is received directly from Sadsanga and from internalising the pointing is enough nourishment to flower in the Truth. If a burning question regarding the search for Truth remains unanswered, you can write to us on


Personality designing  through an effective practical blend of modern motivational training with the great ancient Indian psychological systems like Tantra,Yoga,Vedantha, Vaydika. The TRUTH is not negative or positive. It is always standing on centre. Modern age people know the power of positive thinking, but they use this in a wrong way. The first situation of understanding should not be positive or negative. It should watch in an open mind of truth. After we can apply the positive reactions. Then only it will bring eternal positive results. Otherwise we will miss the negative facts with our blind positive imagination and it will face as big negative after some time. The very difficulty is that the understand the reality. Sree supporting to take dictions from the understanding of present situation and react with empowered consciousness for our ultimate success. The biggest problem of human being is the mismatch of their planning and dreams with their reality. By the empowerment of consciousness, we can perfectly join this iquation of success.Through this trainings anybody can be happy and healthy like a child. Be free from all problems, fear, worry, disappointment, sufferings and even from the birth-death cycles. This we can achieve along with our career-family life.  24 hrs we can be energetic like a child. We can be efficient along with all spiritual qualities and create more productivity from the before stage. Aim will be sharp. Totally we can perform like Arjuna in Kurukshetra warfront  .