Dear soul mates,

Welcomes you to participate in Mahameru Rajarajeswari Temple actualisation yajna.

We know the name of Srividya and Maha Devi in some systems are misusing for wrong purposes. To resolve these issues and provide real and systematic guidance for the disciples of Devi, we are in the process a temple in the name of Sri Rajarajeswari. We are welcomes you to be the member of the big Rajarajeswari family. Acharya Brahmasree  Sreedharan Namboothiri’s leadership, we are planning to build a big Maha Meru Rajarajeswari Temple with all deities’ prathishta(idol)  along with Guru mandapa and an Indian cultural research university. This will be first time in the world a Maha Meru temple with that much of structural in shape and concept. Who can be take a part of the work of the “kshethra yajna” to make this dream come true, they are doing a puja for Devi and he can experience the bliss of this team work of the great spiritual project. Through the karmmayoga here we are getting the opportunity to be a deep dedicated lover of Devi and experience the material and spiritual success in sadhana in a practical and scientific way of meditation.

So Acharya Sridharan Namboothiri started a big vision of the Mahameru Rajarajeswari temple should be the world’s first temple in srividya which is appears looks like a big mahameru .The sadhakas have the facility to do abhisheka and aradhana in the temple those who are took deeksha from our shakthimandala.When the registration time the reg-fee is also going to the temple purpose fund.

The temple concept visualise to build an Indian cultural research university to do research on the Indian cultural wonders like the grate spiritual paths like Tantra,Yoga,Vaydika,Vedantha and also correlated studies from other religions of world spiritual paths.

The system planning to give daily annadana, Goshala, cultural festivals, classical art forms, Sanathana Dharma’s teaching schools etc..

Develop this concept is an international hub of modern spirituality for the future generation.Come and experience the joy of bliss through join to be a part of the great Rajarajeswari family.

Those who are participating in the temple construction they can have the membership in the trust of the temple and have a blissful participation of the great srividya shakthi mandala.

You can give the donations for Mahameru Rajarajeswari temple yajna fund for our blissful future

Bank: Indusind Bank
Name: Sreedharan Namboothiri.N

Branch: Mavelikara, Alappuzha Dist. Kerala, India
Acc. No.: 159544431919
IFSC: INDB0001646