Meditation, Kundalini Syndrom, Vedantha


Meditation should be the inner scientific search without prejudices. It should be the way for living better than present life. More better freedom, more deep understanding, more love, more joy, more capacity, more power, more celebration & happiness. The techniques of SENCE supporting to develop the consciousness and lead to the life success of every individual. Sree is supporting everybody to develop their consciousness to a higher level. Through that everybody can solve all confusions and problems of our life. This will leads to the material and spiritual life success and a healthy holistic wellness lifestyle.



Kundalini Syndrom

Lots of people are suffering with the kundalini syndrome called issues which has related to psychological or psycho somatic. On the keen search we can find the root cause is the wrong awaken of kundalini power through the nadis (psychic paths) of Ida and Pimgala. If we can stabilise the path through the spinal code or sushumna path, we can reduce the problems and guide through the sushumna. It will lead to normal life or enlightenment. Over anxiety, delusion, OCD, Bipolar kinds of diseases may happen by the reason of kundalini awakening through the wrong path.