Brahmasree Sreedharan Namboothiri

Brahmasree Sreedharan Namboothiri was born in 22/04/1980 at kandiyoor village in Mavelikara, in Alappy dist., in Kerala, India, as a son of Mr. Narayananan Namboothiri and Devayanidevi. Now working as a Psychologist and doing research in these traditional systems. He had born in a Hindu Brahmin family which is a family of Hindu priests in kerala. In his 8th age he got the deeksha and upanayana. From his childhood he learned Veda,Vedanta,Upanishads and tantra. He was very curious in the ultimate truth and started his career as a priest in temples from his upanayana in 8th age along with school education. The family culture and traditions of Brahmins helped him to go through the qualities like truth and knowledge in the path of spiritual seeking. He left kerala and wandered for real truth and real spiritual experience, all over India along with his career. Met so many Sannyasins, yogis,Sufis, tantricas and monks etc. After his deeper yogic experience samadhi, he dedicated to help people to attain self actualization and celebrate their life through the practical psychological spiritual methods, all over the world. He conducting satsangas (trainings)are national and international areas. He started Thapovan meditation centre and supporting people to attain their inner world and blend with their divinity along with their material life success. He is using the practical and psychological techniques which are a beautiful blend of old and modern techniques. According the sadhakas’s vasanas the techniques will change. Our journey will finish the same place, but we are starting from different places of desires. According to Mr.sreedharan namboothiri spirituality is not different from our daily life. It is not merely wear the orange cloths and go to Himalaya with the same egoistic mind. Spirituality should be the inner scientific search without prejudices. It should be the way for living better than present life. More better freedom, more deepness, more love, more joy, more capacity, more power, more celebration & happiness.

By Brahmasree Sreedharananmboothiri.
Psychologist .Traditional Master Trainer.
Director of Thapovan Meditation Center
Kandiyoor.Thattarambalam .P.O.
+91 9544431919