Psychological Counseling, Initiation(Deeksha), Astrological, etc

Personal meeting
Sree is always helping to finding the solutions of their problems or confusions through many ways. Some solutions may hide in many different fields like Science, Religion, Atheistic concepts, Astrology, Tantric, and Psychological etc. SO please prior fix the appointment and come for personal meeting.

Psychological and Spiritual counselling
Spiritual counselling needed for spiritual people. A Christian mind beliefs that language only. Some other people believe in science only. That is also a religion of science. They are also following a belief system. Religion means belief system. Sometimes the solutions hide behind these beliefs. So spiritual counselling is needed to find out the confusions through only that way. Falls beliefs are the common error of human society.

Astrological consultation
Astrology is based on the rays coming from many planets and sun. The “absence of self power”, our body is always driving by many forces of unknown intelligence. Find out the energy variations through planet energy flows and find out to turn energy flow through body and mind is very important for a wellness life. This support is only for believers in astrology.

Deeksha (initiation)
For start any new course related to consciousness empower the student took deeksha( initiation) .This is a process to accept the relation as master and student. It is a contract to conform the love without conditions each other. This is essential for learn tantra, yoga, vaidika, Vedanta .

Shakthipath Deeksha

This is a powerful deeksha known as “vedhamayi deeksha”. The master sending divine energy of lineage to disciple .then his energy body became pure and his negative possessions on his energy body will remove. This is capable to remove dual personalities in subconscious mind also. He can feel the bliss and happiness or power. This deeksha giving a strong connection with master and dity. While the time of shakthipath deeksha disciple may happen shivering, fall down on floor or make loud sounds etc.. Shakthipath gives a higher connection with cosmic consciousness and universe. It will support to clear our way to all success. This system will ride them through a correct path, throughout the sadhana. Acharya brahmasree  Sreedharan namboothiri is giving shakthipath deeksha for internal and external well being of his lovable associates.