Pratyahara Mindfulness Meditation

The real supernatural experiences will start in ashtamga yoga by the development of prathyahara. Prathyahara means turn our consciousness inside. Everybody knows this, but how?

This is the relevant question for modern yoga masters. They practiced asanas well but least knowledge of “yogaschaiththavruththi nirodhana” (stop the mind ) . They are not learned yama and niyamas through a meditative internal path. They learned through this through the mind. Anything we can learn through mind except how to stop mind. We cannot learn to stop mind through the mind. That is pure practice.
What is our “ahara”? (food). Which we are collecting all things through our sense organs are the real food. First we should purify these all foods. For that we should purify our videos, friends, situations, audios, touches, smells everything to get good inputs. Then our consciousness will rise and select healthy aharas(foods) for senses. Then the sadhaka can stop the mind through the knowing of senses. Then can understand the silence of the mind and the conscious stage. Then yogi will enter in to the land of energy circuits of the world. He became achieve the capacity to find out the real negative or positive energies behind this world’s all types of the foods. Then everybody can experience the strong burning negative energy in coloured snacks and sweets. He cannot eat that. Then the curiosity will effortlessly vanish. In the same rout, all other sense’s curiosity also will vanish. Through that, naturally our concentration will come from outside to inside. Then it will leads to dharana, dhyanam and Samadhi. This will leads to the wellness and the explosion of the divine energy of happiness. This bliss is the eternity of our life

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