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Course Requirements:

By starting courses with Thapovanmeditation Online Courses, you (the student) confirm that you meet the following minimum requirements given below.

  1. All of the courses provided mainly in English.
  2. must be at least 18 years old at the time of booking.All customers must have a competent native level of English and possess a reasonable competence in English language reading, writing and speaking skills
  3. All candidates must have the ability to take advice from tutors and from peers and have the capability to make improvements to their result if required.
  4. By making a booking with Thapovanmeditation Online Courses it is assumed that the candidate satisfies the above conditions and is deemed to have a competent level of English. The candidate, by making a booking, takes full responsibility in determining whether the course is suitable for their level of English. Thapovanmeditation Online Courses takes no responsibility if the candidate is unable to complete and pass the course.
  5. If Thapovanmeditation Online Courses feels at any point during the course that the candidates level is below a sufficient level, as per the conditions, If the tutor and the Director of studies believes the candidate to be below a sufficient level Thapovanmeditation Online Courses reserves the right to fail the candidate.
  6. Enjoy Online Courses does not accept any liability for any losses, costs or expenses incurred by or on behalf of a candidate in connection with a candidate’s insufficient language ability.
  7. Thapovanmeditation Online Courses can have the all rights to keep all secrets about Srividya courses
  8. After registration of the course refund is not applicable at any condition
  9. The direct physical availability or online availability of the trainer is subjected to the decision of the trainer .It is not deciding by the student.
  10. Thapovanmeditation Online Courses is not claiming any surety in development of the student’s physical or mental enhancement. This is related to many aspects.
  11. The people who are suffering by serious health issues or other medical conditions are not permitted to do the practices in this course. We are not responsible for their related issues mentioned above.
  12. We are not promoting any claiming about supernatural powers or attainment through this course.
  13. Thapovanmeditation Online Courses or Sreedharannamboothiri don’t have any responsibility in the improper practice of the systems and other product or services.
  14. The course has providing the system of the renewal fee for maintain the website and other works.
  15. The course duration is based on the student’s capability to learn. So we are not claiming any duration of period for the finishing of the courses.

15.The Student agrees to follow any of the policies and regulations set                  down by Thapovanmeditation Online Courses.