1. Daily Miimum 20 +  Suryanamaskara (Yoga's maximum asanas and basic pranayamas are very effective )
  2. Do tharppanas after the Bath from river , pool or Bathroom as per the instruction inside the member area (Puja Note and Puja Demonstration videos)
  3. Lighten the lamp in Puja room or Place.& start daily manasapuja srividya meditation or panchopachara Puja &  Manthra japa purashcharana (minimum 15 to 20 min).You can add stotras like lalitha sahasranama etc as per your time.Try to do khadgamala daily.
  4. Do meditations of Mananam .For that You have to here the sadsanga videos of Acharya. Sreedharan Namboothiri.N to connect or catch that higher frequency of Meditation at least 5 to 10 minutes.
  5. Sivoham Dhyana and Tanthric Prathyahara Meditation
  6. In between office works you can do Tantric prathyahara meditation without manthras.
  7. When you return from office after bath or face –hand –leg wash, you can do Puja or Manthra japa purashcharana with Meditations.
  8. Try to use maximum organic food and nutritional food
  9. Try to say truth yourselves
  10. Try to observe your Panchakoshas (Annamaya to Anandamaya)
  11. Practice forgiveness to everybody and practice Sathvika gunas
  12. Try to trap your mind and try to look emotions separately like a third person
  13. Try to keep away from negative people and manifest everything as positive and hopeful
  14. Try to love others from the heart and do the things earlier they think.
  15. Fix Dreams (not goals with time limit) and work for that in present (Don't look future).
  16. Don’t unknowingly concentrate to negative matters ,give 100% belief and concentration to your deitie's power .
  17. Always activate Shiva consciousness through meditations
  18. Always keep enthusiasm and confidence to go to unknown world of Samadhi or enlightenment.
  19. Do karmayoga(Works) dedicate to Devi through the spread of the right knowledge of this path of Devi to everybody by our all effort. Then Devi will try to flow through you to others.
  20. Visit Temples & Maintain the connection with Guru parampara.

"Om Sree mathre nama:"