Welcome to Online Srividya  Sadhana Training System

The Great Sri Vidya is the ‘Ultimate Art of Materialization and Self actualisation : It helps the person to transcend his accumulated negative psychic impressions while conferring upon him all the riches of the material world without letting one get lost in the greed.

Benefits of Sri Vidya Online Training

Kundalini awakening: The latent consciousness within us is termed as the Kundalini.

Awakening of Awareness leads to inexplicably large number of benefits from money, fame, mental equipoise, radiant health, satisfaction, unconditional love for all, Attainment of all the existing boons to Moksha.

Massive spiritual upliftment besides blessing with the luxuries and comforts of the material world.

All the 7 chakras and the elements inherent in them too get activated.

Other material benefits of this powerful sacred process includes all relationships becoming cordial, there is infinite shower of wealth, confidence,
  wisdom, health, abundance and prosperity etc.

The souls of the ancestors which may have been in the lower worlds get ascended,

Any black magic, and  dosha is nullified, major hurdles in life are averted.

The sadhak witnesses inner peace instant wish fulfilment, optimism, humbleness, soft spokenness, respect for the opposite gender,
  curing of all kinds of diseases, removal of stress, and bad habits and many more

More than All direct connection and relationship with realized Teacher, great chance to learn authentic and practical applications and grow in life


1. Which is our tantric path and Parampara (lineage)?
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Shiva , Mathsyendranadh, Gorakhnath, Gaudapada acharya, Govindpada acharya, Shankaracharya, Svaguru.
Tantra- Mishra thantra
System- Shaktheya
Branch- Sri kulam
Branch in Srikulam- Karmmopasana padhathi
Guna- Sathvika
Parambara- Nath
Resemble- Kashmiri shayvisam
Adharakalppana- Nava adharas
Till ajna is kaula rest of the chakras samaya.
Anushtanam (practise)- Bhogayogathmakam

Mishra Tantric tradition

Kerala is the perfect place of the amazing union of all Indian meditation systems. The ancient systems should have renew as per the time and place of the sadhakas. The famous world gurus like Shankaracharya, Gaudapada acharya and Govindpada acharya perfectly edited the tantric systems and blend the effective and time saving aspects of many tantric systems and developed the great Misra tantric tradition. Shankaracharya insisted to Brahmins and famous Kings to do along with their “tevara puja” to worship Sriyanthra by this particular way of Mishra tradition even in some Kerala temples also. This is the easiest and systematic way to attain bhoga and moksha for common man.

We are going to concentrate the ancient secret science of tantra through the thrilling path of hidden Kerala tantra or Srividya mishra path. Welcome everybody to the practical door of awakening.

2. What are the benefit to go through mishra path?

The Misra path is the most time saving path in the srividya schools, to achieve bhukthi and mukthi. This traditional path is avoiding the unnecessary aspects and heavy practices or rituals and taking useful and effective aspects in a simple way of learning.This is a beautiful blend of Ancient Kashmiri Shiva tantra, shaktheya thanthra, veda, vedantha, vaidika and the tantric schools like Kaula,Samaya,Vama & Dakshina, By Gaudapada acharaya, Govindabhagavadpada acharya and Shankaracharya. If you do puja as per some old text & tradition, you should spent minimum 5 to 7 hours for a Navavarana puja on Sriyantra . They are very strict in raw materials of puja .This creates difficulties of availability of the puja materials in some time to do puja. Mishra system is very simple and practical to practice daily . You can continue as a meditation way also. This path is not promoting any strict way of compulsion in the practice of panchamakara sadhana with animal cutting or sex. If it is needed the system is allowing for that to avoid the desire on those aspects and free from that bondage of desires. The system is giving freedom to know and learn any meditation system and test on this system by the advice of the master. We have only one life with limited facilities and time .We has to use maximum effectively. The Mishra path designed as per the suitable way of modern life for practical awakening.

3. What is the energy (shakthi) behind manifestation?

The meaning of our life is a thirst to fulfill something which has related to happiness. The full experiences of the material world by touch, smell, hear, and see. Every creatures of the universe are dedicated to experience the enjoyment through the sense organs. The energy behind the body is intended to experience the same from this world, but it is not fulfilling. Whenever he tries to attain these goals, then he faced big opposite reactions. Even though always the creatures continuous their effort to fulfil their dreams. Then some reactions are positive and some are negative as per the wish of him. This decides by the mind or dream of the creature. The universe is not giving positive or negative. The world is just reacting for the frequency of our brain. There is only one energy or shakthi which is playing the whole drama. If I am a farmer the lack of water is a negative energy, but if I am a business man of water bottle, the same rain is a very positive energy. The rain is not concerning the above interests. Normally people praying to go for avoid or give rain. Then we are helpless, but tantra giving the higher frequency level to understand the system and timing of the rain or flow of universal life. Then one person can understand to sow and reap in correct time before dryness. Then there is no need of planning or thinking, because we can clearly see what we have to do for great life success. The process can call ‘consciousness empowering’. Then our goal and universal goal will come to union. The both energy will merge and start to run as a flow of one direction. Till that time the person had been swim to the opposite direction of flow, but still there does not existing a separated individuality. This is called the real meaning of the word ‘yoga’. This indicates by vyasa in bhagavad geetha through

Bhagavad Gita - Chapter 5 - Verse 5:----“Jneyah sa nityasannyaasi yo na dweshti na kaangkshati; Nirdwandwo hi mahaabaaho sukham bandhaat pramuchyate.”

“He should be known as a perpetual Sannyasin who neither hates nor desires; for, free from the pairs of opposites, O mighty-armed Arjuna, he is easily set free from bondage!.”

But it is not a small thing. The understanding of the reality of the universe leads to the powerful manifestation in the universe and our life.  The world’s successful people used this secret knowingly or unknowingly.

4. How is the progress of the course arranged?

Thapovan (Mishra) system is not a school teaching method with learning lots of study material and remembering theories and concepts. It is concentrated to raise the capacity of our will power. This system is sincerely trying to find out the real seekers of existence (god) and support them to attain ultimate freedom of their self actualization through consciousness empowerment. In this course, the master trainer will directly come online to a video calling group and answer your questions to attain consciousness empowerment. This is a result or experience oriented system. Everybody can check and feel their empowerment of commonsense or consciousness and spiritual development of freedom through this system than the religious separations. The examiner is our own experience in consciousness empowerment. It will help to succeed in material life and spiritual life. Here anybody can learn this system without cast crew restrictions, because there is no religion than “truth”.
According to Ramanamaharshi and Shankaracharya there are only three steps to attain self actualization.
1.Sravana  of guru (trainer) –(sadsanga)-
Hearing maximum consciousness related communications of mystics or spiritual trainers. In Ashtangayoga it described as  “sidhanta sravanam”.
2.Manana-(tatva vichara of Vedanta) (finding through by using the mind)
Here seeckers practiesing to understand the formation of mind by the brave use of mind by consciousness empowering.
3.Nidhidhyasa.-(tantra)- (bring to the practices)

By the help of the Guru a student can continually stay connected with his inner consciousness or inner guru (brahman), the course will finish. He can drive himself or dissolve to the divine bliss body.

5. What is the energy body cleaning and result through Srividya Misrapath?

" Om Pancha koshantharasthithaye nama:'

Everybody have different feel of weight of his own body at different times. It can be vary according to the mental situational frequencies. Sometimes our body is lay down like serpent. Serpents have always contact of their full body parts with earth. In this depressed stage we have very difficult even to move. Did we observe the reason? If a keen observer can understand one fact.
When someone in the depressed stage, he will be centered in his base root chakra of his energy body. The feeling of “I” will be fixed on this earth chakra of serpent. We can test this amazing tantric meditation. Close our eyes and just imagine our bad experiences and most unfortunate moments in our life. Then immediately anybody can find out the truth that, “My feeling of “I” is centered on this root chakra”. Then start to enter all other negative energy forms to our energy body and it leads to the over contact with the gravitational field of heaviness. Ok. Then again close our eyes and sit straight .Then start to really imagine that, “I am the most successful man in the world”. Try to attain the mental frequency of our successful role models, personalities or super heroes. Visualize and empathies their powerful stories and movies. We can immediately understand the change of our “I”. We can observe clearly that the position of our “I” is located on one of the chakras (energy centers ) above neck. It is may be crown chakra or ajna chakra behind for head. This ajnachakra can manifest our life dreams come true. This will lead to the ultimate material and Spiritual success.
The concept of the painting of Michel Anjelo’s Vitruvian man shows this fact of our energy body. The stretched hands show the higher frequencies and the stretched legs shows the lower frequencies.
Through the Mishra path Srividya worship leads to the inner bodies of “Panchakosha”.Our body is not one .This is functioning in 5 different world.
Through observation we can understand our 5 bodies. These bodies mentioned in Sriyanthra meru parts which should practically learn from master
1.Annamayakosham(Physical body)
This is our physical body which is growing by food.
2.Manomayakosha (Mental body)
This is our mental body. We can feel this body through the observation of our comfort zone.
3.Pranamayakosha (energy body)
Sometimes we feel lightness, but sometimes we feel heaviness .This changes happen by the conscious level of our energy body with 7 chakras (pranamayakosham).
4.Vijnanamayakosha( body of knowledge)
This is the connecting part with our bliss body or super consciousness. Whenever the outer consciousness is connecting with our inner consciousness through this knowledge body, then the bliss body will be active and raise the ecstasy or true wisdom. All knowledge is happening in this vijnanamayakosham.
5.Anandamayakosham(bliss body)
This is known as “Anandamayakosham” (bliss body) of our base of existence. This is the base of our all other bodies. This is the super conscious state of a human consciousness. This can be experience fully by an enlightenment stage of a yogi.
We should give different treatment for different bodies. We had a proper system to treat different 4 bodies in different ways. This was the power of ayurveda or other ancient treatment systems in India.
We had effective Ayurveda vaydyas for annamaya treatment. In manomayakosha treatment we used tantra.In pranamayakosha treatment ,masters used mantrashasthra. In treatment for vijnanamayakosha we used the holly books of dharmmashasthra like “bhagavada geetha”. Anandamayakosha will not affect deceases.The word health should represent that a continuous connection with the bliss of anandamayakosha. We have to recheck our modern treatment systems with ancient supernatural findings like this.

6. What is the need of an experienced master in my spiritual journey?

When the starting stage of the real meditation, may leads to starts the movements of kundalini energy. In the first experience of the most cases, their sexual energy will start to open and release through the wrong energy paths by the presence of our mind. Then it will leads to sexual addictions or internet porn, masturbation addictions. Some practitioners will surprise that "what is happening me, I was not like this?”.This will creates a particular back pain of the two sides of our spinal code. It may create depression. Mind is an unreal illusion. Unfortunately people don’t close their eyes and listen (meditate) to the character or inner science of this flow of the life power. Some people are trying to study these inner forces with outer-body equipment. A sadhaka will go through many different experiences of physical and mental changes in an awakening process. 
In tantra - yoga the (ancient great technique beyond psychology) monks refers the flows of life force as nadis (energy rotes in body) The main 3 nadis are “Ida nadi (sun channel ) , Pingala nadi ( moon channel) and Vjranadi (spine)”. According to normal people,  the energy will hit the block of desires in manipura chakra (above sex organ)  and go to outside through the organ. If we start to do pranayamam, along with the presents of our mind, this force will starts to rice through wrong path of ida or pimgala. It will creates hallucinations, trembling, or pains, depressions shivering, death fears, exhalation of vital energy , headache and many diseases etc..Some people have this experience without any spiritual practices. Some doctors will say that this is a muscular pain. They are giving tablet poisons for this. 
The kundalini energy should rise through the “Vajra Nadi”(sushumna or spinalcode).Then it will starts to breake the blocks known as chakras and go to top. Then the real union of male (shiva) energy with female (shakthi) energy will happen within the body. This leads to the great ecstasy of brahmananda or nirvana. 
In upanishaths, rishi yajnavalkya answered the question of wife gargi .The question was about the qualification to enter to the great ashtamgayaoga path. Yajnavalkya said “Kaama sankalppa varjitha”. Means ashtamga yoga disciple should stop the imaginations of sex like internet porn. Because of the same reason, patamjali insisting do pranayama only after the practice of “Yama and Niyama” to stop the mind.Actually this is a cleaning process of vasanas.
Tantra is also insisting the same thing but in a different way. The difference is only in the style of avoiding the sexual imaginations. Tantra insists to be aware in our all desires and be free from them. If we can be aware in our sense organs, then we cannot create imaginations. Tantra is a technique to be stay in that present state by the use of some special mantras and stay as an observer of vasanas without imaginations. Tantra bypasses this energy from sex to super consciousness or Sex to unconditional love. The disciple looks every female as devi kameshvari or shiva kameshvara (bhayravi - bhayrava).
After the systematic practices of some special practical techniques of srividya tantra or ashtamgayoga everybody can lead these energy floes through a right direction of sushumna and activate our hidden great powers. His life filled with ultimate bliss or unlimited happiness.”
Without the correct guidance of an experienced master, it is very difficult to attain self actualization for many people. A real master will give answer for all sincere questions and give help to step up from every level of frequency to the ultimate level of consciousness . It will save the time of the sadhakas in this short life span.

7. What is the structure of our Srividya awakening course?

The structure

The course wills develop through 4 different levels as per the ancient criteria of tantric wisdom.


This is the starting stage of a sadhaka.
Gurupaduka ,Srividya basic meditations of awakening and specially designed simplified & powerful method for daily tantric practices like kundalini manasa pooja meditation(10-15 mnts).
Here sadhaka can receive deekshas of Gurupaduka,Ganapathy,Bala mantradeekshas and practice japa.
kundalini manasa pooja meditation(10-15 mnts)

This is a pooja meditation from the essence of ancient secret tantric poojas for systematical, proper spiritual awakening. This is 100% suitable with our daily life of fast and busy modern age. Sadhakas can feel the instant changes through this time tested secret tantric system. This is a pooja meditation can be practices anywhere within 10-15 minute with or without any accessories of pooja like bell, pooja vassals, flowers, water, sandal etc… This can be done anywhere and anytime. This puja performs as a meditation with essential steps of a tantric pooja like pranayama, deity avahana , beja mantras, tantric main mudras, peetha- moorthi- prasanna poojas etc..This system includes the main steps of a pooja performed in famous temples. If the practitioner have enough time and interest to do this pooja, then he can extent to hours also with strotras and rituals. We can apply any figure of any deities in this structure of this manasa pooja. This includes the basic techniques of kundalini awakening, so don’t do this pooja system without the deeksha of the experienced master. Anybody can simply learn this mudras, rituals and steps but only the experienced master can control the practical technique to lead in a safe path of power awakening. If this system can do in a proper way, this great life-power will start to attract luck, special skills, prosperity etc…
Discussions is needed about many ancient books like Srividya texts like parasuramakalapa sutra,lalithasahasranama, upanishads kularnnavatantra,Lalita sahasranama, hadhayogapradeepika, 10 bulls of zen etc..
The course materials will give through online .You can take print out and practice.
The learning should concentrate strictly on the self experiences of the practitioner than the bookish knowledge.

In this level the practitioner should develop his consciousness. Then he can achieve material and spiritual development. Here sadhaka changing his habits of tamoguna with sadhana. He is starting to quit his laziness.
Here sadhaka kan practice with Bhadrakali, Varahi, Mathangi and other deities of Dashamahavidyas if needed as per the vasana.

Level -2 (veera)
Deep focuses on the selected special system and connect with experiences. Here sadhaka attain the capacity to understand the minute energy (shakthi) world (sookshma) behind our material world. In this stage, start to experience the secrets of his own creation and the universe.
Here Sadhaka can get the Panchadashakshari Deeksha and have to practice proper way.
Level -3(Divya)
Deep focus on our meditation experiences .Then attains the ultimate ecstasy of self actualization or enlightenment.
Here Sadhaka can practice the shodashakshari and Maha shodashi.This deeksha is giving directly.


“Adhatho Deeksham vyakhyasyama:”Parashurama kalpa suthra.

Adha mentioned about the real needy or eligible person for deeksha.The Srividya sadhaka needs some qualities.First he should attain that qualities.The 100% dedication and surrender to Devi and Guru is the main quality.Second, He/ She should be truthful and intelligent ("tatra sarvadha mathiman deekshetha",-Para:kalpa suthram)
Many deekshasystem have mentioned in traditions like -Kreyavathi Deeksha, Varnnamayi Deeksha, Kalavathi Deeksha, Vedhamayi Deeksha, Sparsha Deeksha, Manasa Deeksha, Drig (Darshana) Deeksha & Shakthipath Deeksha.

Acharya Sree is giving Shakthipath Deeksha at the first time Deeksha.

8. What is Shakthipath Deeksha?

This is a powerful deeksha a part of “vedhamayi deeksha”. The master sending divine energy of lineage to disciple .then his energy body became pure and his negative possessions on his energy body will remove. This is capable to remove the negative dual personalities in subconscious mind also. He can feel the bliss and happiness or power. This deeksha giving a strong connection with master and dity. While the time of shakthipath deeksha disciple may happen shivering, fall down on floor or make loud sounds etc. Shakthipath gives a higher connection with cosmic consciousness and universe. It will support to clear our way to all success. This system will ride them through a correct path, throughout the sadhana. Acharya brahmasree  Sreedharan namboothiri is giving shakthipath deeksha for internal and external well being of his lovable associates.

"Tasymulamabrahmabilam prajvalanthim prakashalaharim jvaladanalanibham dhyathva thadrashmibhisthasya papashan dagdvaa":- Para:kalpa suthram .

After the joining of the course you can fix a time to take deeksha from directly or watsapp video call with the master Brahmasree. Sreedharan namboothiri. But if you have any chance to direct meeting, we are promoting the direct deeksha is more important for great experience with five senses.

9. Can I receive Deeksha through Online?

Yes , Because In lalitha sahasranama one nama says” Deshakala parichinnaye nama”. Which means Devi is beyond the space and time. Actualy the Deeksha is happening through Nadabrahma or the sound. Through online the manthra can create vibes through online. You can motivate or de motivates somebody through online. The same way the deeksha is happening, but if you can come directly to master and experience through 5 senses, it is more preferable always.

10. Each mantra we have to take deeksha?

No this is not mantra based deeksha system,This is the level based deeksha system. For chanting all mantras we need deeksha, but some set of manthradeeksha can give as per the 4 levels of mentioned here.

11. Daily how long we have to spend for practices?

You can spend 10 or15 mints minimum daily .If you have time or interest you can increase the duration. The special days like full moon day and your birth days you can have special pujas.

12. How can I discuss my doubts with the master?

You can sent your all common doubts through our chat system in the "discuss with the master" section or e-mail on thapovanmeditation@gmail.com

For direct or online video call meeting, we have an appointment system for pre fixation of the meeting time through the "Discuss with the master" section.

13. Can I ask any doubt with the master?

You have to ask any doubt with your master. You have to see your master is same like your mathematics, Physics and Chemistry teacher. No need to give value more than that or less than that.

14. Meru Yanthra is compulsory to do Srividya Maha Meru sadhana?

No, Actually  Maha meru is your Body including adhara chakras.You can also du as meditation.

15. Which type of Meru is good for worship?

“Chameekara kala dhautha panchaloha rathna

Sfadikadyuthkernnam vaa niveshya”. Parashurama Kalpa suthra

Parashurama Kalpa suthra clearly says you can use sriyanthras  on Panchaloha(Combination of special 5 Metals),Sfadika(cristal),Gold & Diamond. No other metals preferable. The locations of yoginis, sandhis and Marmas(junctions and important points) should be correct. Otherwise one belief is the same damages of the yantra may have the sadhaka also.

We are giving proper merus on Panchaloha Metals for Sadhakas.

16. Meru should be hollow or solid in the inside?

From very old time many rishis had been using solid or closed Merus even in old temples. Now some new Gurus says they are using hollow.No difference because inside is shiva ,shiva can be poornnatha or shoonyatha.

17. Can women and householders practice these srividya techniques?

Srividya developed for women and householders like common people .They have responsibilities and they cannot leave everything ,go to Himalaya as a yogi. Srividya gives better material and spiritual success without leaving common life.

18. Can ladies practice mantra or srividya sadhana during menstruation?

In Kaula path there is a puja with that blood. Here ladies are Devi. They can chant, but you fell it is not good by the concern of purity, then don’t do that, this may affect negatively, because you can plan your worship and methods in mishra path. This is depend that how you plan the sadhana.

19. I have some doubt about masturbation and sexual related issues. Can I ask?

You can ask any doubts openly through wats app discussion with the master Acharya Brahmasree. Sreedharan namboothiri.N . He is a clinical psychologist also.

20. Have any payment needed to learn Srividya?

We can ask ourselves that, have any payment needed to learn Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry?. This is same like a valuable subject, but here Acharya receiving dakshina only from direct visitors to Thapovan. For Online students have to spend some donation and this will go to the Mahameru Rajarajeswari Temple construction and other charity works for poor and needy people.

21. How to start registration and learning procedure?

1.Click and go to payment page ,register with your credit or debit card.

2.Dounload the book  freely- “Decoding the Secrets of Sriyantra”. Written by master Sree and collect the basic ideas of the Great Srividya sadhana.

3.If You can recommend the book for others just share the published link of Amazone Kindel. They can purchase from Amazone.(Optional)

4.Fix a time to take online Deeksha from  Acharya, Brahmasree. Sreedharan Namboothiri through- Support Ticket system massages mentioned the page name "Discuss with Master".

(One direct meeting with acharya for deeksha is free)

6.Watch all the Introduction Videos of the course and Learn the Puja videos and notes.

And Lessons of basic puja and purascharana of Manthrajapa of Gurupaduka, Ganapathi and Bala tripurasundari .

7.Do strictly for 41 days.

8.Inform your positive or negative changes to master .Have a discussion if needed.

9. Fix your material and Spiritual dreams and continue the practise with the sravana, manana, nididhyasa

A, Sravana

Hear the videos of Acharya Sreedharannamboothiri, daily atleast 10 minits. Direct meeting and hearing with Acharya if possible when you get time and situation.

B, Manana

Think about the heard ideas and try to understand or experience it with experiment with your life.

C, Nididhyasa

Strictly stick on the sadhana with the truthfulness with yourselves .

Dont quit sadhana on morning and evening. Even if you late to come at night, you have to do sadhana. This truth is going to support to let you know the secrets of your life purpose and give you massive power for your manifestation in spiritual and material life success.

22. Terms and conditions

By starting courses with Thapovanmeditation Online Courses, you (the student) confirm that you meet the following minimum requirements given below.
1.All of the courses provided mainly in English.
must be at least 18 years old at the time of booking.All customers must have a competent native level of English and possess a reasonable competence in English language reading, writing and speaking skills
2.All candidates must have the ability to take advice from tutor and from peers and have the capability to make improvements to their result if required.
3.By making a booking with Thapovanmeditation Online Courses it is assumed that the candidate satisfies the above conditions and is deemed to have a competent level of English. The candidate, by making a booking, takes full responsibility in determining whether the course is suitable for their level of English.Thapovanmeditation Online Courses takes no responsibility if the candidate is unable to complete and pass the course.
4.If Thapovanmeditation Online Courses feels at any point during the course that the candidates level is below a sufficient level, as per the conditions, If the tutor and the Director of studies believes the candidate to be below a sufficient level Thapovanmeditation Online Courses reserves the right to fail the candidate.
5. Thapovanmeditation Online Courses does not accept any liability for any losses, costs or expenses incurred by or on behalf of a candidate in connection with a candidate’s insufficient language ability.
6.Thapovanmeditation Online Courses can have the all rights to keep all secrets about Srividya courses.
7.After registration of the course refund is not applicable at any condition
8.The direct physical availability or online availability of the trainer is subjected to the diction of the trainer .It is not deciding by the student.
9.Thapovanmeditation Online Courses is not claiming any development of the student’s physical or mental enhancement. This is related to many aspects.
10.The people who are suffering by serious health issues or other medical conditions are not permitted to do the practises in this course. We are not responsible for their related issues mentioned above.
11.We are not promoting any claiming about supernatural powers or attainment through this course.
12.Thapovanmeditation Online Courses or Sreedharannamboothiri don’t have any responsibility in the improper practise of the systems and other product or services.
13.The course has providing the system of the renewal fee for maintain the website and other works.
14.The course duration is based on the student’s capability to learn. So we are not claiming any duration of period for the finishing of the courses.
15.The Student agrees to follow any of the policies and regulations set down by Thapovanmeditation Online Courses.