Indian ancient, practical and safe systems for the awakening of Kundalini

In our system, we can learn the basics of all meditation systems like tantra, vedantha, bible, Sufism, zen and other systems.

After learning these, everybody can chose the appropriate system depending upon his vasanas(desires) and to go deeply and experience the divine power themselves. Here we designed this spiritual meditation path through the material well being. So there is no need to avoid our career or family life, but we should just be aware of our passions and life and make these wonderful.

Tantra raj srividya

Srividya  is the king of tantra tradition. This is a perfect, systematical and safe way to awaken the kundalini power. This include mantra,tantra and yantra techniques for step by step safe activation of kundalini power. Most of the people practicing this ancient secret system in wrong way and creating so many problems and pains themselves. The secret of srividya is hidden. Most of the ( 99.9%)  ashrams and spiritual monks are teaching this system, with only the outer worships of goddess and chanting mantras hours and hours. They don’t know the practical steps to active the power through decoding of sriyantra practies. To activate this system, we should carefully use the essence of all tantric traditions like kaula, samaya, misra and vama depend up on the vasanas of disciple. This teaches through the ancient guru shishya deeksha system. Each and every step, the disciple can clearly experience the real change of his consciousness.

Vaidika vidya

In powerful vaidika meditations like vyahruthi pranayama and Vedanta will help the practitioner to stay in central consciousness and awakening of kundalini in a fast and safe way. Till this time this system in the secret hands of some Brahmin families. Here it will find out the appropriate practitioner by their vasanas. This system is the essence of Vedas. purushasooktha  is the eyes of Vedas. The vyahruthi system based on purushasookth’s deep meaning and specially designed by ancient rishis for practical and systematic enlightenment.


This is not related with our common yoga exercise. This is the path of eight limbs of ashtamga yoga in ancient original systematical method. At first here our important goes to first 2 limbs known as YAMA (10) and NIYAMA(10) to stop the mind. Patamjali maharshi said that “yoga mens stop the mind”. Then after naturally the meditation will goes to asanas, pranayama ,pratyahara, dharana, dhyanam, and Samadhi.It will lead to the ultimate bliss of awakening.


Zen gives the freedom to go directly to the truth. The all techniques of Zen based on the words that “to be here and now”. Sometimes we can use the base of Zen in the practices of  srividya also. This will be more effective in the central path of non duality.


The systematical use of bible from the ashtamgayoga’s point of view is very powerful in the activation of divine power kundalini. Jesus’s most of the words clearly indicate the ashtamgayoga system. His magical powers known as in ashtamgayoga is ashtayshvaraya sidhis.

Many other systems

Along with these systems, feel the real power of time tested ancient inner science and eternal freedom of life. Make our life as a symphony of divine love. Explore our expanded potentials of will power through this powerful system and awake from this dream world of birth -death cycle and sorrows or tensions. All sorrows are past and all tensions are future. Happiness of sole is exploding on the reality of present. There is no need of think positive and spiritual development. Through these techniques practitioner escape this thinking world and taste the eternal real spiritual life. Invite to the real experience of spiritual world by Thapovan meditations .

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