Srividya Manasa Puja Meditation


Short note for daily sadhana-1

The science & Psychology of Panchopachara Puja

We are living in a fake projective world of sub conscious mind. Our life energy is flowing as per the positive or negative pictures in subconscious mind. The language of the brain is images. Unfortunately our most of the suppressed pictures are negative .So our most of the thoughts are forming as negative and creating negative energies .This emission of negative energy is bringing negative life experiences (Karmas). To make changes in karmas we have to change internal pictures. For that we have to implant positive powerful pictures of the characters. We can implant pictures in subconscious mind only through the experiences of 5 senses and repetition of the words. For that we are stimulating our 5 senses in puja and we can implant powerful picture of Devi through the regular practise .Slowly you can feel one person is supporting and staying along with you. This can change your neurotransmitters and neuron cells in a positive way and this can bring magical wonders in your material and spiritual life.

Tantric tradition - Gaudapada mishra

This is a system is the mix of the effective and time saving parts of different srividya traditions like Kaula, samaya , Panchayathana by  Gaudapada acharya, Govindpada Acharya and Shankaracharya.This is a part of shubhagama panchamas.

Parambara- Shiva , Mathsyendranadh, Gorakhnath, Gaudapada acharya, Govindpada acharya, Shankaracharya, Svaguru.


Saundaryalahari (Shankaracharya) and Many different other traditional texts. *More details available in last page.

Chant in morning

Gurupaduka Vidya

Guru is the main and first Vidya or backborn of Srividya tantric tradition. First the sadhaka should take guru as his god or soul in the path. Guru is Shiva. Guru is not a person this is a tatva. Guru is a phenomenon can feel inside of every sadhaka. The outer Guru is the connecting source of one’s inner Guru.If one sadhaka initiated in Gurupaduka (footsteps of Guru) all kind of his mistakes can correct the real Guru tatva and this leads to ultimate path of enlightenment.

Gurupaduka manthra

Om Aym hreem shreem aym kleem souh, hamsa shiva soham haskhafrem hasakshamalavarayum hasu: sahakshamalavarayim shau: shiva soham svaroope niroopanahethave shree gurave nama

Shree shree svagurave shree padukam pujayami nama:

Om aym hreem shreem aym kleem souh: soham hamsa shiva hamsa shiva haskhafrem hasakshamalavarayum hasau: sahakshamalavarayim shau: soaham hamsa shiva svacha prakasha vimarsha hethave shree paramagurave nama;

Shree shree paramaguru shree padukam pujayami nama:

Om aym hreem shreem aym kleem souh soaham hamsa shiva haskhafrem hasakshamalavarayum hasau hamsa shiva soham savthmarama panjara veleena thejase shree parameshti guravee nama:

Sree sree parameshti guru shree paadukam pujayami nama:


Om sree lalitamba guru padukam pooayami tarppayami nama:

Om gum gurubhyo nama: (3 tims) divyukha, sidhaugha gurus.Manukha deeksha guru. (Keep your both hands on the top of your head to show Gurupaduka mudra mentioned in video)

Suryanamaskaram is minimum 10 times compulsory(Strict).


Tarppana with two palms together

Pitru ganebhya tharppayami(3)

Deva ganebhya tharppayami(3)

Rishiganebhya tarppayami (3)

Gayathri tarppanam(10)

-“Om bhur bhuva suva that savithur varenyam bhargo deva sya dheemahi, Dheyoyonaf prachodayath”.

Balatharppanam –“Om aym kleem sauh(10)”

For mantra shapa dosha nivruththi

Do japa 1008 time “Om Kleem nama”.

Basic Pancha Upachara Puja

Pancha upachara puja is a warm welcome to our Devatha with five basic elements of Earth,Water,fire,Air & Space.The puja connecting the sadhaka with his internal cause of birth ,the consciousness through his sense organs of touch, smell,vision,sound and taste.Why because the senses are always in presents. Our thoughts are always in the illusion of past or future.The panchopachara puja keep you always in present and trying to stop our mind. This “chiththavruththi nirodhanam”(pathanjali yogasuthra) or “no mind” stage of Zen is essential for the manifestation of energy or enlightenment. Here is the Real secret of awakening hiding. Thanthrayoga training will easily leads to the complete success of a person.The puja is the first gate of a sadhaka to the world of real thantra.

Enter the puja area and lighten the lamp with “Om aym kleem sauhu”(2,5,7,9,11 threads)

First do Self Pooja to Strengthen the Devi inside of you